Health & Safety Policy

This policy is to be read and used in conjunction with the terms & conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer and standard operating procedures.


This document covers 3D archery activities on the Moon Ridge Adventures site, located at 34 Moon Ridge Road, Upper Hutt and wild kai trips conducted in a variety of locations remote from the Moon Ridge Adventures site. All the requirements relating to health and safety are governed by the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) (the Act) and associated regulations. Compliance with Health & Safety requirements is as important during all activities managed by Moon Ridge Adventures. 


The policy below details how we comply with Health and Safety requirements for our customers and the visitors to our website. Customers being defined as those individuals attending, undertaking and watching activities managed by Moon Ridge Adventures and the general public, contractors or officials that have lawfully entered the Moon Ridge Adventures site.

This policy does not limit or exclude any of your rights under the Act. Our policy will be reviewed at a minimum annually, having been reviewed as of 26th December 2018.



Moon Ridge Adventures is a family run business that complies with the Act when dealing with our customers in all aspects of our business. We take Health and Safety extremely seriously in everything we do and are always looking for ways to continually improve,standards of safety to ensure you have a great day out full of amazing memories.


From time to time we may need to make changes to our health and safety policy. Changes will be uploaded as a revised policy onto the website with all changes being applicable from the date of the upload. 






The Field Guide has the overall responsibility for the running of any activity, must be aware of the Health & Safety requirements related to a specific activity and hold a current first aid certificate.

To ensure clarity, the definition of a Field Guide is an individual agreed by Moon Ridge Adventures to represent the company and lead specified activities such as but not limited to 3D archery guided group activities on behalf of Moon Ridge Adventures. 


The 3D archery activities are organised in accordance with the Health & Safety legislation and all who have to any extent control of the Moon Ridge Adventures site during any business activities are responsible for ensuring that :-​

  • Everything reasonably practicable is done to ensure the health and safety and welfare of our customers in the area.

  • They conduct themselves so that they do not put themselves or anyone else at risk.

  • Access to and egress from the car park, equipment store, ablutions, practice area and field range is safe.

  • Correct and record any unsafe practice, condition and most of all person(s) at risk of harm, as well as reviewing and preventing or reducing further risk.



  • Emergency Services must have access to all parts of the range accessible by vehicle at all times and without exception, no individual must park a vehicle so as to obstruct access.

  • First Aid points are clearly marked. 

  • In the case of an emergency, customers should inform the Field Guide or Dial 111 on the nearest telephone.


Telephones are located in the private residence beyond the parking area within the kitchen and hallway. The Field Guide will carry a satellite phone and a mobile telephone on their person, with reception being obtained in the parking area. 



All emergencies requiring medical assistance will be satisfactorily and quickly dealt with. In particular :-​

  • To ensure the Emergency Services have safe access to all parts of the site, car parks etc., at all times, all archery activities must stop immediately.

  • There will be provision on site of first aid equipment and a trained first aider.

  • All Field Guides will be fully briefed and trained on the emergency procedures.

  • First Aid Kits are located at the equipment store, the practice range and will be carried by the Field Guide at all times.



Any serious injuries or death will be reported and a permanent record made. In the event of death the Ambulance and NZ Police will be notified immediately by dialling 111.


Any dangerous occurrences are recorded by the Field Guide in cooperation where possible with the person(s) involved and reviewed by the Field Guide to prevent or reduce the risk of the occurrence happening again in the future.




Position and routes of overhead and underground electrical cables, gas pipes and water systems and their distribution systems are identified so they can be avoided by any equipment being moved and customers are free of any danger.



Pedestrian and vehicle access routes to and from the car parks must be safe and clearly signed. 



All area within the Moon Ridge Adventures site are smoke free. No smoking is permitted anywhere on site.

No open flames are permitted onto the Moon Ridge Adventures site, including but not limited to lighters, gas or solid fuel barbecues or cooking stoves.



Children must be over the age of 12 to participate in the 3D archery guided group activity.

Archery activities for children under the age of 12 will be arranged on a case by case basis based on the child's ability. 

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised at all times.




It is the responsibility of the Field Guide to ensure all equipment is in a safe condition and within the guidelines laid down by the equipment’s manufacturer and is capable of withstanding the requirements of any activity being undertaken. The Field Guide is to ensure each customer participating in any archery activity has undergone a full safety briefing and satisfactorily completed training to ensure competency with the equipment to be used. The Field Guide has the right to refuse entry to any individual that is deemed to be a risk for whatsoever reason to themselves or others.


It is the responsibility of each customer participating in any Archery activity to ensure they are comfortable and confident with the equipment they are using.   It is further their responsibility to decline any activity that they consider too dangerous, and report to the Field Guide any matter that they deem to be hazardous to the health and safety of any participant or spectator. Any customer (participant or spectator) can also be in breach of the Duty of Care regulations by not adhering to laid down rules and regulations specific to Moon Ridge Adventures which result in negligence caused by their own acts or omissions.




Every arrow that has not hit the target should be recorded.  The archers name, their target number, date, time and fletch colour of the lost arrow and were they believe the arrow went e.g. high, right, in front etc should be noted.  Effort will be made by the archer/s & Field Guide throughout the day to locate lost arrows. Once the arrow/s are retrieved they will be removed from the lost list. Every effort will be made to recover lost arrows on the Moon Ridge Adventures range and for them to be removed to prevent possible injury to any individual(s) using the grounds in the future. 



It is the responsibility of each customer (participant or spectator) to take whatever steps they deem necessary to ensure their personal safety and protection against the elements of weather and terrain.  In the case of children under the age of 16, the onus is on the parent or appointed guardians to ensure those in their care are protected. Closed in footwear is a requirement on the Moon Ridge Adventures range.




There will be adequate provision for the expected number of visitors. All toilets and washing facilities will be checked at a minimum daily to ensure they remain in working order and an acceptable level of cleanliness.




  • Any people moving equipment or operating machinery will wear high vis vests.

  • All participants in the initial briefing will be advised regarding natural disasters such as tsunami/earthquake etc. Warnings and procedures surrounding the 3D archery guided group activity will also be covered as part of the initial briefing.

  • All participants will be required to sign to acknowledge they understand all risks and requirements for participating in a 3D archery guided group before being permitted to undertake the activity.


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