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Love the rural lifestyle but need some help on keeping those fences up to scratch? It's an ongoing job to maintain stock fencing and gates to ensure stock are secure and a property keeps looking it's best. The Rural Fencer can help. Whether it is an upgrade of an old fence line or putting in a new one, we can get along side you and work with you every step of the way to ensure you get a finished product you are proud of. No job is too small, no terrain is too shear. Call us today to arrange a quote.      

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Post & rail can smarten up any area and is great as a safe fencing option for horses and ponies.

Conventional wire fences are the tried and tested New Zealand system for stock. 

Netting is great for securing young stock, waterfowl or walk-in berry patches to keep birds off your fruit.

Electric fencing can be combined with any other fencing type for additional stock security and strip grazing.

Hanging gates can be tricky. We will ensure your gate looks good, is stock proof and moves easily.

Yards are an essential part of any block big or small where stock need treatment, handling or loading.

Fancy something different? We have a range of materials from rope, chain and cable to give you the look you want.

No job is too small. We can help you with all your general rural maintenance needs.